Qualities of a Leader

By | 22/12/2019

Top Qualities of a leader


Hi, Nice to see you again. Today we are going to discuss the top qualities of a leader.

How is a leader defined?

Who is a leader?

What it takes to be a leader?

Before getting into the qualities or characteristics of a great leader, Let us jump onto the basic definition of a leader.

Before that, In case you are not in a mood of reading the text, just go through this video of mine.

Who is a leader?

A leader is one who takes the initiative to get the work done and take people along with him.

Leadership cannot be learned from the outside world. Leadership is inbuilt.

A leader is a leader wherever he goes.

The basic trait of a leader is humbleness. Hence, A leader is humble.


A leader complements the good things getting around in society.

On the other hand, a leader constructively criticizes the bad things.

A leader never gets bored with his life and his job. He is always excited to do and try new things in life. He is always excited to experiment with the latest trends.

A leader always breaks the ice to a stranger and can never sit quiet. He will always try to talk to somebody to learn something new.

A leader is never a generalist. Means to generalize things for example “Nothing good is going to happen in our society”, “The world outside is really bad”, “We should trust nobody”, etc.


But yes, the good thing is you can always culminate the traits of leadership by practicing, practicing and rigorous practicing. I will explain to you a real-life example.

Many of my viewers maybe knowing how to drive a car.

Stage 1: Learn to drive a car

Now, Just imagine the very first day when you started to learn driving the car. On this day, You were RAW and you did not know the ABC of driving a car.

Just relate this learning to leadership qualities. While started learning to drive a car, you are not at all comfortable driving it, you are not comfortable with the gearbox.

Same is the case with leadership. If you are not comfortable with leadership, start practicing it by yourself.


Stage 2: Practice it thoroughly and Culminate it into your habit

Now as you have started learning to drive a car, practice it to the core and culminate it into your habit.

Same is the case with leadership. Practice it thoroughly and culminate it into your habits unless leadership becomes routine in your life.

Stage 3: You will become PRO in driving

Now when you become very comfortable driving the car, you become PRO driving the car. Now you are not actually driving the car as the car is being driven by itself.

I will explain to you how.

When you become perfect driving the car, you can do a lot of things while driving the car like you can make a call, you can text somebody, you can take a sip of coffee, you can eat something.

Now apply it to the leadership, when after rigorous practicing, leadership will happen by default, believe me.

You will not be aware of it and it will happen. The magic will happen then.

Take the help of this example and start practicing leadership today. I am very much confident that that the leader inside you will jump out and surprise you with new things.

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Just go for it guys.

Hope this will help!

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I will be more than happy to help.

Love & Respect!

Ankit Ravindra Jain

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