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Why People are More Attractive in the Fall

With October officially upon us (#thanksObama), we’ve settled into routines and maybe some relationships. Thinking back to my old college days, it seemed that relationships came out of nowhere after just a few weeks of school. All of these new couples were so wrapped up in each other, literally and figuratively, and I had to push in between hand-holding to get to Caribo…ahem, class, on time. I thought things might be different once out of school, but I’m finding the truth about this season remains the same: people are more attractive in the fall.

There’s a feel-good feeling about fall that’s more irresistible than guys who wear their sleeves rolled up. It’s more than the rush guys get once they see girls tweeting that it’s yoga pants season. It’s more than a debate of: are scarves getting bigger or are women’s heads getting smaller? Checking people out is a habit for both men and women, but the “fantasies” seem to change in these cooler months. Thoughts shift from, “He/she makes me want to BOMO at a house party,” to “He/she makes me want to go on a date to Noodles,” to “He/she makes me want to cook dinner and drink wine by a fireplace, while curled up next to kittens and listening to John Mayer.”

What causes this shift in romantic-thinking?

1. People are inherently in better moods during the fall. If you’re not into football than you’re at least into tailgating, which makes everyone happy. The weight of mid-terms hasn’t hit you yet. And if you’re a post-grad, it still hasn’t dawned on you that working lasts the rest of your life. (Sorry for the spoiler alert.) Everyone’s looking forward to the good things, and that’s enough to grab anyone’s attention.

2. There’s something about a fall wardrobe. While low-cut crop tops definitely show off your personality, there’s something about layers that make you want to get to know someone. We get invitingly lost in a sea of flannel, cardigans, scarves and boots, wondering what kind of person hones that type of style. People look cleaner, fresher, more put together; they look like they’re going somewhere with a purpose.

3. Fall is the most beautiful time of the year. Yeah, yeah, every season has its perks. But is there anything better than walking past someone whose hair is blowing in the breeze, vibrant leaves flying everywhere, while a gust of wind puts their sexy scent straight to your face? No. And while every interaction might not channel that much Pocahontas, it’s way more enjoyable than walking past sweaty bodies in the summer or seeing the red nose/dry skin combo in the winter. The summer tan is just fading away, giving everyone an autumnal glow that’s impossible to ignore.

Maybe, if you’re just starting college, being in a relationship is what you feel like you should/need to do. Maybe, if you’re out of college, it’s still what you feel like you should/need to do. Or maybe it’s because we can all admit that we just don’t want to drink our pumpkin spice lattes alone during the best part of the year.

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  1. Hahah oh gosh, YES!! All of this. I am such a sucker for a guy with rolled up shirt sleeves… Gahh so cute! Especially when paired with a perfectly broken-in sweater that I can steal later. Hehehe >:)

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