Single Means Stop

Remember playing red light/green light in college? It was a metaphor that let a group of strangers know if you were going to have sex with them or not. And to see if anyone got creative with the whole traffic motif. “Red” meant taken and “green”… Read More


Why The Cool Girl Can’t Exist

This story was initially published on Word Vomit. I read THIS POST on Thought Catalog. It’s an ode to whiskey-drinking women. (Because if you write one about vodka you’re obviously just trash.) The post, which runs at a mind-numbing thousand words, highlights the poetic, idiosyncratic nature of… Read More


Words to Use in 2015

It’s no secret I like words. I like them too much, probably. Words work for me the same way calculations or a scientific conclusion can shake your perception or the way a dress is designed can alter your entire artistic inspiration. My obsession with words makes me… Read More