Questioning 2016

By the time it hit midnight on New Years, I was so drunk I couldn’t tell the difference between Instagram filters. And once the 12:00 novelty wore off, my friends and I were back to celebrating how our night began, baptizing ice cubes in gin… Read More


Losing Your S***

I think there is something ingrained in our bodies that is spurred to make statements in the fall; a declaration that it’s the start of someone, something, anything new – a habit we’ve picked up from returning to school this time of year. Starting fresh. It’s… Read More


Let’s Talk About Dads

When I was little and people told me I was just like my dad, I assumed it was because I was the closest thing he had to a boy. I was decently athletic and didn’t mind having a bowl cut ages three to six. We liked… Read More


College, Summer and College Summers

It’s still weird not being in college, especially this time of year. It’s like a transcendent time when people started crawling out of apartments and squinting at the newfound sunlight; when we saddled up to stoops and got frustrated with the riff-raff who created lines outside… Read More


Single Means Stop

Remember playing red light/green light in college? It was a metaphor that let a group of strangers know if you were going to have sex with them or not. And to see if anyone got creative with the whole traffic motif. “Red” meant taken and “green”… Read More


Why The Cool Girl Can’t Exist

I read THIS POST on Thought Catalog. It’s an ode to whiskey-drinking women. (Because if you write one about vodka you’re obviously just trash.) The post, which runs at a skull-cracking thousand words, highlights the poetic, idiosyncratic nature of women who saddle up to Jim, Jack, and Johnnie.… Read More