photo1 (2)Fresh to the real world scene, I’m figuring things out daily. While I like schedules and routines, Mindfire is the creative part of the day we all crave. You’ll find stories and ideas ranging from relationships to trends to events, all geared toward the recent college graduate looking to figure out what’s next. The transition is tricky, but tons of us are going through the same thing and looking to relate with others.

That’s why Mindfire is just as much yours as it is mine. Without comments or reaction to what I write, I’d be like a bartender only pouring drinks for myself. And nobody likes that bartender.

I graduated from Iowa State in spring 2013 and now work as a writer in Minneapolis. When I’m not bonding with words, I can be found with a caffeinated beverage in one hand and petting a cat with the other. I can’t make anything with my hands besides food and music, but other talents include pouring a fantastic glass of wine while appreciating even better company.

Cheers + thanks for visiting!


    • merethlake

      Thanks Michael! Looking forward to keeping tabs on your post-grad experience as well.

    • merethlake

      Yay! There’s a yoga post coming up on the calendar so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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