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971854_10200112821124818_1023521636_n (1)Hello! I’m Merritt. And Mindfire is just as much yours as it is mine.

Fresh to the real world scene, I’m figuring things out daily. While I like schedules and routines, Mindfire is the inventive part of the day we all crave. Mindfire is a mecca for anyone needing a break in the day – you will find stories and ideas ranging from relationships to trends to events, all geared toward the recent college graduate looking to get a grasp on the next chapter of life.

I’ve kept a journal since grade school, but I didn’t always know I wanted to be a writer. Content has since shifted from “I hope this boy likes my Lisa Frank backpack,” but my demand and love for language has not. Realizing that at the end of the day I always came back to writing, I made a switch from business to journalism halfway through my sophomore year at Iowa State. Since then I’ve discovered that not only can work and passion be intertwined, but they absolutely should be.

I’ve pretty much always lived in the Midwest, and my appreciation for it increases constantly. I’m happy falling into certain stereotypes of the heartland – a strong work ethic and an appreciation for elongated vowels, for example. Not to mention I can’t get enough of lake life and no clothing tax.

Besides partaking in Minnesota niceties, I love to write music – along with overly detailed bios – and spend a lot of time at my piano. I also have an article featured each month (starting April 2014) in HERLIFE Magazine so be sure to check them out! A supporter of classical music, black coffee and cardigan weather, I see magazines as more than impromptu coasters or umbrellas. I’ll always be a learner, an observer and a recorder of all things around me.


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