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Magic Bacon

As the sun peaked over the Fox River, we were already admitting defeat to the day.¬†We woke up in Appleton, WI feeling hazy and cursing our bodies for their recent programming to jolt awake anytime before 8 a.m. (#PGP, AMIRIGHT) With my boyfriend’s recent move… Read More

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Cranberry Salsa

What is a better time to tell you one of my favorite holiday recipes than right between the holidays? Well, before Thanksgiving would’ve been helpful, probably. But just like you, I was experimenting different sleeping positions on the couch and keeping track of just how… Read More

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Caprese Salad

While I keep wanting to call it a Khaleesi salad (thanks a lot, Game of Thrones), the name is the toughest part of this dish. I’ve been on a fresh tomato kick and can’t get enough of this red vegetable…fruit? (They have commitment issues. Hey,… Read More

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LGBT Pasta. Yep.

So my dad was giving me all those cooking lessons, you know? And then I was like, “Hey Dad, I’m moving to Des Moines , so this is awkward.” While the Moines has its perks, I’m pretty much on my own for supplying any culinary… Read More