Known as the Celebrity Shots, these post-grads want to share their life discoveries with you as much as I do. Celebrity Shots help expand the content on Mindfire and also challenge my editing skills to keep their writing sound funny, sober, and real. If you want to take a celeb shot on Mindfire, let me know! (Stories are subject to edit and writers are subject to a biography and their own personal hashtag.)

alex_crop     colin_crop     tay_crop     1009975_10201544838241163_1863033468_n

(From L to R)

Alex Ernst | @BigOleFudge

Alex is always my go-to guy when I need a drink after a long day at work. (He introduced me to a magical place called El Bait Shop in Des Moines, whose tap selection is second only to what I’m assuming is heaven.) After graduating from Iowa State in May 2013, Alex now works as an inside sales representative for a rental company in Des Moines. He’s great at being a Chris Pratt lookalike and even better at looking like himself. He’s secretly a cat person and unsecretly a fan of all affluent white male things, like playing golf, smoking cigars, and emulating Frank Underwood. #smitten

Colin Grace | @GracialFacial

After deciding that his B.A. from Iowa State was beneath him, Colin trekked to Iowa City where he now attends University of Iowa’s College of Law. Traitor. But we can look past it due to his hilarious and insightful way with words and the ability to make any joke sound like a dirty one. Colin is a great guy to have around if you’re looking to lose a case of Busch Light, or if you want to get absolutely owned in a game of Cards Against Humanity. Mostly I’m friends with him because I’m assuming I’ll need a lawyer to defend me at some point in my life. #lawyered

Taylor VerMeer | @tayvermeer

If you’re searching for smarts, sass, and style, Taylor won’t be far away; my sorority sister, black out-guru, and Diet Coke obsessed diva will never not be one of my favorite people. Taylor is originally from the Quad Cities and now works at a PR firm in Boston so she can justifiably purchase an entire J. Crew wardrobe. She is one of the more recent post-grads and Mindfire contributors, as she graduated just this past May. You can find Taylor getting a mani/pedi, getting seasick, or getting a free drink from the bartender. #wickedsmaht

Lauren Etscheidt | @LaurenEtscheidt

Communications specialist by day,  badass by night. Lauren is hands down one of the coolest people I know, which makes her a perfect Mindfire contributor. She’ll be writing exclusively for the music review section that will make you an expert on the latest and best beatz coming out of America, Europe, and anywhere else that has a McDonald’s. Lauren lives in Denver – for the same reason everyone else lives in Denver – and snagged an advertising degree from Iowa State before heading out to there. A fiercely funny friend, the only thing Lauren appreciates more than tattoos is the men who have them. #wildwildwest


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