Known as the Celebrity Shots, these chosen few post-grads want to share their life discoveries with you as much as I do. Maybe more. Celebrity Shots help expand the breadth of content on Mindfire and also challenge my editing skills to keep things funny, real, and post-grad friendly.

Picture 5Alex Ernst | Some of my favorite memories of Alex include watching him belt out The Indigo Girls and playing a round of golf on Greek Triangle. Other favorite Ernst pastimes include Golden Tee (a.k.a. Big Buck Hunter’s ugly less-talent-required bar game step-child), wearing nice Iowa State apparel, and always being my go-to guy when I need a drink after a long day at work. (He introduced me to a magical place called El Bait Shop, whose tap selection is second only to what I’m assuming is heaven.) Alex is originally from Ida Grove, Iowa and graduated in May 2013. He is now an Inside Sales Rep. for a rental company in Des Moines. He’s great at being a Chris Pratt lookalike and even better at looking like himself. Needless to say, we’re #smitten


Twitter: @BigOleFudge



Picture 6Colin Grace | After deciding that his B.A. from Iowa State was beneath him, Colin trekked to the Iowa City wastelands where he now attends University of Iowa’s College of Law. Was I planning on staying friends with this Des Moines native post-college? Absolutely not. But then I realized he’s the closest thing I have to a real-life Elle Woods and is probably a good guy to have around when walking through dark alleys. Until he gets his law degree, he remains a bassist for The Real Quaid by trade and resident smartass by night. The man once jumped a 40-person line at Jeff’s Pizza, proceeded to convince an employee the large pepperoni pizza on the counter was his, and walk out with the pizza like a badass bandit. I don’t have to remind you he’s in law school — all of his Facebook statuses take care of that. #lawyered

Twitter: @GracialFacial

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