Published Work

From HERLIFE Magazinea national print + online monthly publication with a mission to keep women connected

  • Spring to the Occasion | A look at 2014 spring fashion trends so you can dress your best for spring occasions | Published April 2014

From Andersen Corporationthe largest window + door manufacturer in North America

From Greenlee Glimpse - Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Alumni Magazine

  • Training Day | This is an in-depth look at Greenlee students’ internship experiences and the impact they have had. | Published Fall 2012

From Trend Magazine – an Iowa State student-run publication focusing on beauty, body, fashion and lifestyle

  • Closet Crush | It’s the fantasy closet we’ve always dreamed of and the one Mollie Sims made a reality. | Published December 2012

From Sir Magazine – an Iowa State student-run publication highlighting the most manly wants and needs

  • The Dudes With Spirit | A feature story on male cheerleaders breaking down the stereotype, with one large bicep at a time | Published May 2012
  • What a Girl Wants | I’ll give you a hint: it’s not a romantic night out to Appleebee’s. | Published May 2012

From The Black Sheep College Newspaper – a newspaper that’s actually about college

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